Cannabinoid is a natural chemical substance found in cannabis sativa plants or marijuana plant and can be used to apply on skin surfaces for relief of many ailments .producers of the cannabinod oil have a variety of methods they use to extract the compound which is added to the cannabinoid to carrier oil called CBD oil. Some of the ailments which CBD oil is used as a reliever include buy my weed online:

  • Arthritis

The above stated condition occurs in human beings and does involve pain in joints topical application of CBD oil has proven to drastically reduce pain and inflammation on the affected areas though further research is still underway to quantify the progress the effects of CBD oil as a pain reliever.

  • Multiple sclerosis

This is an autoimmune disease affecting the entire human nerves and brain its coupled with muscle spasms and this causes great pain to the afflicted parties .topical application o CBD oil does go a long way to providing instant relief to the afflicted areas as it greatly reduces the levels of muscle spa city thus majority of patients with the above stated condition have reported reduction in attacks.

  • Chronic pain

The use of CBD to relief chronic pain has been proven in human species  through research on the use of CBD as it reduces pain and inflammation this research also found that respondent were less likely to build tolerance thus there  is fundamentally no need to increase the dose  thus offering helpful new treatments to people with chronic pain

Disadvantages of using CBD

  • Physical tiredness or fatigue It is a proven fact that use of the above mentioned oil for topical  application does cause one to feel physically fatigued as the compound found in CBD oil are known muscle relaxants. There by making the body muscles to relax thus causing one to feel general tiredness.
  • Changes in appetite does occur on persons who have topically applied the oils due to the fact that CBD induces release of hormones in the body and this may cause an increase or decrease in the quantity of food ones takes at a particular sitting, this may occur for a given period of time until a balance of hormones occurs in the body system.
  • As mentioned above use of topical CBD does cause an imbalance of hormones in the body this may lead to drastic weight gain or the vice.

IT has been proven that topical application of CBD oil does reduce proper functioning of other medications or render them less effective it is strongly suggested that before on uses the oils he or she should discuss with the doctors on the possible prolonged effects and side effects of its use cause in this way one is able to monitor and maintain proper health.

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