The world is clearly moving so fast. Apart from the many spices in existence, human beings have now invented cannabis cooking. Originally, people who were using cannabis were mainly aiming for one thing, getting stoned. Nowadays, as the earth continues to revolve around the sun and days continues their rhythmic patterns with the nights, there has been discoveries about the cannabis which state that the drug can be of more use than just getting people “high”. This has led to a drastic increase in cannabis consumption and cooking. 

The leaves of the cannabis contain high amounts of fibre, minerals and vitamins. Sounds interesting, right? Well, for this reason, people interested in sucking up the health benefits offered by this plant exercise cannabis cooking so often. In their dieting, they incoporate hemp plants and raw marijuana. This ensures that they absorb just the legimate and most important health benefits of the plant without necessarily getting stoned. This is for those who getting high is not a benefit. To others, getting high is the real deal and it is okay as long as the law in your area allows it.  

From the biochemical composition’s perspective, raw cannabis posses suprisingly high amounts of the following minerals and vitamins; 

1. Folate – this is an ester or salt that is indispensable when it comes to the repairing of DNA 

2. Vitamin K – It is neccesary for the process of blood clotting 

3. Iron – Important in the process of oxygenation of blood.  

4. Vitamin C – Important for many immune system activities. Its deficiency may lead to suffering from a disease called scurvy.  

5. Calcium – calcium is necessary in our bodies to have healthy bones. 

6. Fibre – The plant has excellent amount of fibre hence including cannabis cooking in a diet that originally has no fibre is important. Fibre helps in prevention of constipation. 

Unlike smoking, using cannabis in the form of cooked marijuana has no harmful carcinogens introduced into your lungs. This therefore means cannabis cooking does not give similar drawbacks in comparison to inducing smoke.  

Having talked about cannabis and its cooking, it is important I mention that the cannabis cooking is an art as well. It requires knowledge to get the job done right as its not just like boiling water. The cook has to be sure how he wants it done and the end product required, either a weed cookie or maybe just a normal meal with the cannabis as a spice. Failure to master the art may lead one to making a mess in the name of cannabis and cooking.  

For medical reasons, marijuana helps in pain relieving, induce appetite and also help release nausea among others. Cooking with the cannabis is evidently better than smoking the drug for both medical reason and for reason of having fun. Oral ingestion of it has its effects lasting longer than smoking it wither its for medical reason or for the pursuit of the “high feeling”. As mentioned earlier, it has no effects for the lungs too.