Marijuana is probably the most common or used drug across the globe. It can be used for medical purposes or just for pleasure. It does not matter whether you know a lot or very about marijuana, but there are chances that you have heard about the weed culture which is held on April 4:20 PM.

It is important that people should know about CBD vs THC before acquiring or using them.

Chemical structures

Both CBD and THC are familiar to your active and complex cell signaling network, which intern allows them to associate freely with your body receptors. Neurotransmitters are released as a result of this interaction which might lead your body to react differently with other people’s bodies whether in terms of pain, immune, stress or sleep.

Mind blowing components

Although CBD and THC have similar structures, they have different effects to the body. For instance; CBD does not cause any high reaction to the body, matter of fact, it is known to deal with seizures, anxiety and depression. On the hand, THC produces high sense of excitement or commonly known as euphoria.

Status before the law

Before you possess or have anything with CBD vs THC contents, at least have some enlightment otherwise you will end up on the wrong side of the law. There are some countries or states that have legalized THC and CBD products while there are others which have not, implying that purchasing these products in legal states or countries is easy provided that a qualified physician has licensed you.

Health benefits

CBD and THC have the same medical benefits but people prefer using CBD because it is used to treat rare diseases such as epilepsy, inflammation, mental disorders and depression, and it has fewer side effects compared to THC. THC helps with insomnia, low appetite, and nausea.

Side effects

On to side effects, CBD can be taken in large amounts but it will not affect any type of medications that you are taking. Some of its side effects are, appetite changes, fatigue, loss of weight and dizziness. THC causes increased heartbeat, red eyes, dry mouth, memory loss, anxiety and coordination problems.

When THC is consumed in large amounts especially adolescents or young adults, it might have fatal or permanent effects in their life’s.

Tox screening

While you are on a drug testing, it is important that you keep off from products containing CBD or THC contents. Not all drug tests will be able to detect CBD or THC but there are some tests which will show the usage of marijuana.

THC and CBD are excellent choices for some symptoms and condition. But before consumption, make sure you know how they will react with your body or medications, nonetheless, CBD and THC work well when they are combined. 

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