If you are looking for a new way to consume marijuana, look no further. Marijuana capsules are some of the new products getting into marijuana markets. These products are, by day, becoming more and more of a hot cake in the markets with consumers opting for them due to their simple form of existence and consumption.

Understanding marijuana capsules

Marijuana Capsules are cannabinoid powders or oils packed in capsules which are gelatin in form. The capsules come loaded with premeasured doses which come in various potencies and varieties depending on the producer and packager.

How are Marijuana capsules used?

Easy, once you get your capsule, you just ingest it through the mouth into the stomach. It is important to note that you do not open up the capsule to pour its contents into the mouth. Once ingested, absorption takes place in the digestive system.

Benefits of marijuana capsules over other edibles

For starters, one is guaranteed of ingesting an exact marijuana dose as intendant and indicated in the capsule. This is made possible by the fact that the marijuana capsule is swallowed whole with its contents locked within hence no room for wastage through accidental spillage.

Secondly, one is safer from the risk of chocking compared to other forms of edible marijuana like food and marijuana infused drinks.

Thirdly, the risk of accidental overdose is minimal with marijuana capsules. There is no temptation to have a bigger bite or drink more cups as is common with edibles in form of foods and beverages.  

Finally, for lovers of privacy who wish to beat the stigma related to smoking marijuana, capsules provide a rich haven of discretion.

Safe use of marijuana capsules

Safety in use, whether it is for medication reasons or for recreation, is paramount. Misuse of any chemical substance can have severe and life threatening consequences. In order to make safe use of marijuana capsules, here are some useful tips:

  1. Use the exact dose as prescribed; resist any urge to take more marijuana capsules.
  2. Use the marijuana capsule for the intended purpose only. In case you want to change the purpose, discuss this with your physician or any  licensed clinician
  3. Buy from incensed dealers and dispensaries only and ask them to help you determine the right dose. Purchasing from dealers whose registration and license authenticity is fishy would be a recipe for trouble because there is no way to determine the purity of the marijuana capsule.
  4. Always have with you an emergency number that you can quickly dial up for help in case things go south when using marijuana capsules and other marijuana related edibles.
  5. Beginners are not advised to make their own home-made marijuana capsule because this requires a lot of experience. To prepare a home- made edible capsule if you are a beginner, have someone who has expert experience in this process and learn from him.

In conclusion, the effects of marijuana capsules are not felt immediately as is the case with other products such as marijuana tinctures or with smoking, because, they have to follow the same metabolism path ways as do other marijuana edibles which are consumed through ingestion.

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