Typically, marijuana was first noticed in the mountainous region in Central Asia. They grow in areas with harsh climatic conditions. Top indica strains for 2020 are essential plants with stocky structure, short and have broad leaves. They are similar to cannabis sativa since they have short flowering time & chunkier buds that aids in producing a massive quantity of sticky resin. This resin consists of cannabinoids like CBD and THC, among others. These supplements are used for making other products like hash. Top indica strains for 2020 are seen to have a higher CBD and THC ratio as compared to sativa plants. High quantities of CBD are responsible for the medicinal benefits of the indica strains. In fact, they also pose varying effects of indica and sativa weed. However, there are other influential factors, such as terpene, that have a significant role. Here are some of the side effects of top indica strains for 2020.

Couchlock: the main aspect that makes marijuana users high is the existence of various components like cannabinoids. They normally bind the receptors in the user’s body, triggering the release of neurotransmitters. Basically, various indica strains have varying CBD content than others; thus, they influence relieve conditions differently where they can cause chronic pain.

Lack of coordination: continued use of top indica strains for 2020 can lead to a lack of coordination and motivation. Thus, when marijuana users are high, they may feel clumsy not as usual and also tend to struggle in conducting small tasks. Thus, one should not be under the influence of marijuana if one is required to be alert or one is in a situation that may cause injuries. Never operate a machine under the influence of weed.

The Munchies:

The use of top indica strains for 2020 causes Munchies, which is a common phenomenon associated with it. In case a weed user is suffering from appetite loss, these top indica strains for 2020 can be of importance. It is not the best idea to empty the fridge the moment you get high. Top indica strains for 2020 cause Munchies since THC meets with receptors in the brain that is associated with hunger and satiety. This confuses the nervous system of the user in a way that one may feel hungry even after eating. Top indica strains for 2020 also influence the brain part that is linked to taste and smell, even making more sense that food is more delicious, and it becomes difficult to stop eating after one has started. Generally, weed users should be aware of these top indica strains for 2020 to ensure that one does not consume the entire fridge after getting high.

Weed users may also get affected by anxiety when some parts of the body are high even they are supposed to be resting.