Many are the times we conclude that people who sleep a lot are lazy. It might be true especially when one does it when he or she is supposed to be productive. However, getting enough sleep is a healthy practice. Health specialists say that a human being is supposed to get at least eight hours of sleep every 24 hours. Some people nevertheless trade their sleeping hours for watching movies, security jobs and so on. In other cases, people suffer from medical conditions that cause sleeplessness, which is not healthy. Insomnia and anxiety are some of the causes of sleeplessness and CBD can be used to suppress them so that the patient in question can get some rest. 

CBD, like THC is found in the cannabis sativa plant. CBD unlike other products of cannabis sativa is not psychoactive thus it does not have the buzz effect. It has soothing and relaxing properties which makes it suitable for treating sleep difficulties Tale of Two Strains. Although the research on the use of CBD to treat sleeplessness still in its early stages, most patients have shown positive response thus it is worth trying. 

CBD is not one of those drugs to jock with. The use of CBD should be as prescribed by the physician or better still, the physician should administer it himself or herself. Before prescribing CBD as therapy for sleeplessness, the physician should as much as possible try to establish the underlying condition that is causing sleeplessness to the patient because there are quite a number of factors that could cause sleeplessness and CBD may not be necessarily the best way out. Infact, it should only be considered for extreme or emergency cases. CBD functions more or less like pain killers. If you do not establish and treat the cause of pain first, it is certain that the pain will still be there when the painkiller clears from the blood stream. 

Sleeplessness could be caused by psychiatric conditions such as anxiety and depression, sleep apnea which is a primary sleep disorder, chronic pain, hyperthyroidism/acid reflux, trauma, stigma and high levels of stress. Sleeplessness could also be as a result of environmental factors such as loud noise, extreme temperatures and being in a restricted area against ones wish, for example, in a rehabilitation center, prison or in a boarding school that one does not like. 

To be able to once and for all deal with the problem of sleeplessness, one needs to establish the underlying conditions, both health and environmental. In such a case, the doctor will be able to prescribe the best therapy, perhaps a cheaper one other than diving into administering CBD, which could turn out to be unnecessarily expensive, because it could fail in the long run. For extreme cases where immediate suppression is required, CBD can be used because the side effects can be overlooked over the urgency of the situation at hand. Although the administration of CBD may only work in the short run, it is instrumental in buying time to find the lasting solution.