Writing Tip #117

One space after a period. I am always surprised when I read the manuscript of a new coaching client or when I work with a new freelance writer and his or her copy has two spaces after each period. Gosh, I haven’t put two spaces after a period since I typed my college term papers on my handy-dandy new typewriter (the one with the cool erase ribbon!). With the advent of personal computers and desktop publishing, the two-space rule went bye-bye, so try to remember, if you can. It’s one of those things that dates you as a writer.


5 thoughts on “Writing Tip #117

    • “How can THEY not know this?” Maybe you’re being a little too arrogant. “We” haven’t had any courses to tell us that rules were arbitrarily changed. “We” were trained to put in the space, while you were trained to detect it. It seems to me that if a person wants to waste his time putting in 100,000 extra spaces, that’s his own business. LOL. I have to ask, “What difference does it make?” Does it really affect reading that much? I personally like the larger break when I’m reading.
      That being said, see my comment to Dina.

  1. I am guilty of this. I am a Katherine Gibbs girl from the late 80s and they drilled the two spaces after a period into our head. It is a hard rule to break now that it is different. Want to hear something funny, on a Gibbs site, they are challenging this issue. LOL. I am working hard to use only one space. :}

  2. I still type somewhat like I did in the sixties. OK, so I’m dating myself. Once in the habit of hitting that bar twice (for 50 yrs.), it just comes naturally. See? I just did it three times. I’ll try harder, but please, young people, I’ll need reminding. It’s hard to go “cold turkey” on that second space.
    Keep in mind that there are several faux pas in grammar, punctuation, and spelling that this generation makes that we olders don’t.
    Thanks for the useful reminder, Dina

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