Just Do Your Thing

Lately, it seems like everywhere I turn, there’s disturbing news for authors:

It’s all enough to make a struggling author throw in the towel and become a plumber, although I’m sure the plumbing business has its own bad news and unscrupulous practices.

Listen, bad news happens. People will tell you the only way to get anywhere as a writer is to know someone, lie, cheat, steal, or write torrid sex scenes. They’ll tell you that you’re nuts, crazy, stupid, unrealistic to pursue writing or want to publish a book. They’ll tell you lots of things, things that are being said in every industry, from entertainment to business to politics.

Don’t let it deter you. Believe in yourself, in your book, and make it happen.

Plus, practically every negative and deflating story out there can be countered with a little positive energy, like Penny C. Sansevieri’s Self-Publishing Stigma: Because Revolutions Take Time or just about any post in Nathan Bransford’s blog, which often is a fountain of “you can do it.” There are plenty of bright spots and inspiring people in publishing today. Plenty.

So while getting to your goal may be a difficult road, paved with liars and cheaters and meanies who don’t hold doors open for little old ladies, don’t fret. Just do your thing, and it should be all right.


5 thoughts on “Just Do Your Thing

  1. Dina,

    Once again I find your posts so refreshing! Thank you for this. You give all us writers permission to spread our wings and write. No matter the outcome!

  2. I believe no matter which path you choose to publication or any career you have to pay the proverbial dues. Sooner or later those people who buy, lie or cheat their way will be found out. Staying positive can be tough sometimes but we have too! Posts like this make it easier, thank you.

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