Today Only: ‘Baby Grand’ Giveaway

To celebrate my birthday today —  as well as the amazing review for Baby Grand I received via WordPress this morning that I could not approve because it contained so many spoilers it made my head spin (LOL!) — I am giving away an autographed copy of my top-rated debut thriller. To enter is easy: Simply post a comment below that answers this question:

If you could have one birthday wish this year, what would it be? (And no asking for more wishes!)

Entries must be received today, February 11, 2013 (New York time). And once the day is over, I will head over to and generate a random integer based on the number of entries received and name the lucky winner (U.S. residents only)!

Good luck, everyone! And happy birthday to you, whenever your birthday may be. :)


23 thoughts on “Today Only: ‘Baby Grand’ Giveaway

  1. Dina, if it had not been for you and your mentoring, I would not be where I am today. To see you as the successful writer you have always been, but to recognized on a national scale— well that makes my heart soar for you! I am honored to be celebrating your 29th birthday again!

  2. Happy Birthday Dina! I hope someone will win your ‘present’ who enjoys reading Baby Grand as much as I did when it first arrived on my doorstep! Such a good book, so surprising! You have a great future. I’m sending the offer to everyone on my correspondence list and of course everyone on my Xmas card list got the recommendation in 2012! Dixl>

  3. Happy birthday! :)

    If I could have only one birthday wish this year, in this moment, it would be for my husband to find the perfect job/career, one that he loves and where he is valued, appreciated, and loved in return. I truly, truly want to see him happy in his work, so that he can be happier when he is here at home with me and our baby girl.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Dina! My daughter’s birthday is tomorrow-she is 17 going on 40! LOL! Loved Baby Grand and all the twists and turns, the characters were very believable and hope to read some more of your books in the near future! Baby Grand kept me awake at night reading until after 2am!!

  5. If I were given a wish for my 52nd birthday, it would be to make available a job opportunity for my husband Tom. One that would challenge his mind, affirm his skills that he attained from many years of hard work, education and life experience. Essentially a job that will make him feel like an affluent and happy man again.

  6. My wish is to see my Mother and daughter spend the day together…My Mom died in a car accident when my daughter wasn’t even 2…now she is 6 and this would be sooo wonderful …for them both..

  7. I lost my best friend from college last week. The only wish I have is to send my thoughts and prayers to her husband and her family during this difficult time. She truly was a beautiful person inside and out and the stars in the sky will never shine as bright without her.

  8. My wish is for my house to be rebuilt since hurricane sandy. My family needs to live a normal life again and not unsettled and all over the place.

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