Author Hopping at BEA 2012

One of the coolest parts of attending Book Expo America is seeing authors and getting their books autographed, and this year’s crop of authors did not disappoint. Here are a few of the authors I was lucky enough to meet.

James Patterson at BEA 2012

James Patterson. I got in line to get James Patterson’s latest, Confessions of a Murder Suspect, which was written with Maxine Paetro, a half hour before he even started signing. The line grew pretty quickly and by the time it started moving it stretched clear across the entire Javits floor. I got totally tongue-tied when it was my turn and James Patterson asked me where I was from. I said “Long Island” like it was an apology.

Adriana Trigliani. Truth be told, I have not yet read a Adriana Trigliani book, but she was kind enough to do an author event at my local library recently, and since then I had been wanting to read her work. So I got on the back of what was a pretty decent-sized line but one that I thought was manageable. Turns out, it took FOREVER for me to baby-step my way to the front. That’s because Trigliani was so lovely that she chatted and laughed with each and every person on that line. She seems as devoted to her fans as they are to her. I look forward to reading The Shoemaker’s Wife.

Andrew Gross. When you’re waiting in line, you tend to strike up conversations with the other attendees. There was this young lady from California behind me while I was waiting for Patterson who seemed to know everything there was to know about the thriller genre (apparently, I should be watching the TV series Castle). She was the one who told me that Andrew Gross was a Patterson collaborator for years before he struck out on his own as a thriller writer. While Gross was signing his latest, 15 Seconds, for me, I told him that the book trailer he has for it is probably the best trailer I’ve ever seen. “Thank you for that,” he said, and he went on to tell me that he had just gotten off a flight right before he filmed it, which explains the five o’clock shadow, but his friends tell him that he wears it well. Apparently, he’s contemplating a new look.

Leonard Goldberg. I love me a good medical thriller (I miss you Michael Crichton!), so I got on line for Leonard Goldberg’s Patient One. When I told Goldberg my name for the personalization, he said the name was pretty, and I told him I was named after Dean Martin (my parents were big fans). He said that Dean Martin’s daughter, another Dina, once told him (apparently, they went to the same gym) that although her father had a reputation for carousing, he insisted that his whole family eat together every evening at 6 p.m. “I thought you might like that story,” Goldberg said. I did.


And, finally, just before I had lunch, the wonderful ladies from Stonesong, my literary agency, were kind enough to show me the ginormous, back-lit sign for the upcoming Bully book from Weinstein Books, a book that I recently worked on (I have been a freelance writer/editor for about 15 years). There, at the very bottom, is my name.

So exciting!

I took so many photos of that darn sign that I figured I might as well post one here. :)


One thought on “Author Hopping at BEA 2012

  1. Hurrah! Way to go with the Bully book. And I’ll be thinking of and channeling the fun you had as I attend the Book Passage Children’s Writers & Illustrators Conference tomorrow.

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