It’s a Book! ‘Baby Grand’ Available on Amazon Kindle

It’s finally here! My debut novel, Baby Grand, is available on Amazon Kindle for the promotional price of $1.99.

It will be available on the Nook and other devices and as a print-on-demand paperback later this year.

Right now, I am completely overwhelmed and exhausted and excited and cannot think of anything clever or interesting to say. Just know that this book is what it is because of your support over these past two years — through all the writing, procrastinating, editing, more procrastinating, promoting and more.

Thank you. Truly.


20 thoughts on “It’s a Book! ‘Baby Grand’ Available on Amazon Kindle

  1. Congrats and thanks for keeping us informed through the process. I’m thinking of publishing my book this way on your recommendation.

    You’re the best.
    I wish you success.
    Through thick and through thin,
    you copied us in!
    I will order your book
    on Kindle, not Nook!

    Thanks, Dina!
    Best wishes,

  2. Brilliant, Dina, congratulations, just off to order my copy right now. I hope you have every success with the eBook and thanks again for being there with your blog, it really helped me through the transition of self publishing my own work. Thanks :)

  3. Loved it – can’t wait for the next one – loved all the local references and current information – keep it up

  4. Too bad your book isn’t out in ACTUAL book print form. Our book club was very excited to read it. However, everyone doesn’t have a kindle.
    When is the printed book being published?

    • Hey, Sharon! BABY GRAND will be out in the fall as a POD paperback. It will be available on If you would like notification of BABY GRAND’s paperback release, please send an email to paperback [at] dinasantorelli [dot] com, and you’ll get notified when the book is available. Thanks for stopping by!

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