Writing Tip #69

Go with your gut. Before writing this tip, I scanned all the others, thinking I MUST have covered this long ago (I haven’t), how important it is to listen to that little voice inside that’s telling you which way to go and what to do when faced with a tough decision. Something happened this week that’s got me thinking about — or, perhaps, rethinking — my goals for Baby Grand. What do I really want? What’s important to me? And I’ve spent much of the week weighing the pros and cons of each decision available to me.

There’s going to come a time while writing, editing, publishing or marketing your book that you’re going to have to make decisions. Important ones. And as I found with parenting, when it comes to writing/publishing advice you’re going to get all kinds — from complete strangers to people you admire and trust. But for me it all comes down to what FEELS right in the end. And that’s the path I usually choose. That little voice hasn’t let me down yet.


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