Writing Tip #67

Keep a text file open while you write that contains all the grammar rules you tend to forget. Last week, we featured the grammatical rule that you should always refer to people as “who” or “whom” in a sentence, such as “The writer who penned that book is…” But if you’re the type who thinks, “Oh, I’m never going to remember that rule!” or the rule about the “i” going before “e” except after “c” or the one that says pronouns need to agree both in number and person with the nouns they modify, a good idea might be to keep a text file open of all those rules you tend to forget. This way, you can have a quick reference point without having to surf the internet for the answers. Your own personal cheat sheet, so to speak.


4 thoughts on “Writing Tip #67

  1. Great idea! I’m going to try this when I’m revising to catch some of the words I use too often. I wouldn’t recommend this when doing a first draft though – this is probably best during the revision stage. Wouldn’t want some writer to get too hung up on grammar in a first draft.

    • You are so right! I was thinking that exact thing while I was writing this tip. First drafts are all about getting that story down. Second drafts are for fixing and massaging, which is when the grammar tips would come in most handy. But there are times when I’m writing that first draft that there’s a break in the action, and I go over what I’ve written, so it couldn’t hurt to have it open then too. But, you’re right: in that first draft, concentrate on story, story, story! Thanks for stopping by!

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