‘Yes, It Is a Long Process’

Ah, waiting.

My agent checked in with me yesterday. I love getting an email from her. Even when there’s no news. Her name appears in my inbox, and I feel my entire body lift in excitement and anticipation, as in Can this be the email? Should I start preparing my Oscar-acceptance speech for the screenplay I adapted from my bestselling novel?

Alas, it was not. Just a status check. The Baby Grand manuscript continues to be sent out. Editors are still reading.

“Yes, it is a long process,” she wrote.

That’s okay. I can wait. In the meantime, I keep busy. Writing. Editing. Reading. And even cooking, now and again, to the utter delight of my kids.

Truth be told: Sometimes it’s hard to wait, particularly in a world when everything is done so quickly. But as I told my 14-year-old son the other day: Good things come to those who wait.

Of course, he responded: “Wait? I’m not going to spend my life waiting. I’m taking control of my life.”

Someday he’ll learn that sometimes taking control of your life means waiting. If that’s what you really want. :)


2 thoughts on “‘Yes, It Is a Long Process’

  1. Publishing, if you want your book to turn out well, is a long game, for sure. Sounds like you’re staying serene about it. :)

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