The Return to #1kaday

I’m in the middle of my two-week hiatus.

I wanted to take a break between finishing the final edit of Baby Grand and returning to the frenetic pace of writing 1,000 words a day for In the Red, my second novel-in-the-making, which I hope to have finished by year’s end. My plan is to return to In the Red on Monday, October 17. Funny, though, that while I may not be writing during this period, my mind still wanders over to my book. All. The. Time.

There is no escape.

All you cats who joined me for #1kaday in the spring are welcome to join me once again. And I just realized that my #1kaday will take place just as NaNoWriMo gets under way. So there will be lots of us writers out there pounding away at our keyboards.

Looking forward to the company.


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