BEA: 6 Things I Learned About Laini Taylor

YA author Laini Taylor, left, chats with Jennifer Hubert Swan, a middle school librarian.

YA author Laini Taylor spoke at last week’s Book Expo America (BEA). Here are 6 things I learned about her.

  1. She has pink hair. Apparently, I was the only one on the planet not to know this.
  2. She’s a slow writer, polishing as she goes. “It’s not efficient, but I’ve accepted that that’s how I write,” she said.
  3. She does not outline.
  4. She pays careful attention to the rules of world-building in her work. “All good fantasies are as rulebound as any reality or science fiction book,” she said.
  5. She tries to think of the readers’ perspective as she writes.
  6. She writes a lot about “writing” on her blog. Check it out!

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