We Interrupt This Writing Session…

It’s been such an emotional 24 hours since prime-time television programming was interrupted last night with the cryptic report of an impending announcement by the President of the United States regarding national security. Soon we learned about the killing of Osama bin Laden by a small team of Navy SEALS who carried out the secret operation.

This morning, after I fully embraced the news and watched the celebrations — particularly here in New York where so many friends and families have been affected by the tragedy of 9/11 nearly 10 years ago — and the debates began both on television and on social networking sites, it suddenly occurred to me, in a bizarre moment of mind-wandering, that this latest news might have an impact on my book, Baby Grand, a contemporary, somewhat political thriller.

Truth be told, I had been thinking all weekend about rereading the book, just to make sure it’s as “perfect” as can be.

So this week, with my agent on board, I’ll be taking a break from my #1kaday schedule to give Baby Grand one more read — just to be sure all is well there, which is how it certainly seems out here.


2 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Writing Session…

  1. Our world is in a state of constant change, so references in our stories can soon become dated if they are too specific. In some ways I don’t care… after all, the setting reflects a certain time, whether it’s an historical novel or a contemporary one. But when it comes to political and social references there is a need to word things carefully so that the future doesn’t cause our version of the past to lose credibility. (If that makes sense. It does to me, but….)

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