Writing Tip #25

You don’t need a “chunk” of time to write. One of the biggest problems I had last year when I was struggling with Baby Grand — before I adopted my 1,000 words a day regimen — was I would wait until I could set aside a good solid amount of time before I did any actual writing. The problem was, of course, that there never really was a good solid amount of time to set aside. Kids, work, etc. Although it’s true that you really should be making time to write, you also should make use of whatever time you have. Got a half hour before you have to pick up the kids from soccer? Sit down and write. Got 10 minutes before Grey’s Anatomy comes on? Sit down and write. Even if you just penned a short paragraph or jotted down a few notes, you’re further along than if you hadn’t. And you’ll feel like you accomplished something. Let’s face it: Some days we just don’t have a chunk of time. We have a sliver.


2 thoughts on “Writing Tip #25

  1. I think you’re dead-on with this bit of advice. I used to get so frustrated when I couldn’t write for long periods of time because of school or because I was just so fried. So I’d type up a few hundred here, a nearly six hundred there. Before I knew it, I had my desired 2k daily word count. Small chunks, it’s all about small chunks. Thank you for reminding me of this; I sorely needed to remember that.

  2. This is advice I need to take. I am always procrastinating because my time slots are always small. You are absolutely right. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Ha! Maybe I should remember – one sentence or paragraph at a time is better than none. Blessings…

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