New Baby, New Story

In the wee hours of this morning, at 4:34 a.m., my cousin gave birth to a 6 lb., 10 oz. baby boy named Jesse. Today, I will take my troop to the hospital to visit the happy mom and dad — and ecstatic grandma and grandpa — and to hold that tiny life in my hands, if they’ll let me. Yesterday, I spent the day at another hospital, for other reasons, and every so often a lullaby would play over the loudspeaker announcing the birth of a baby. At those times, everyone seemed to stop what they were doing, and there was a collective “Awwww.” New lives have entered the world. With new experiences to have. With new stories to tell. Yesterday, I heard my dad say — when one of those lullabies played — “Way to go, Clarence.” Way to go, indeed.


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