Done! Let the Panic Begin!

Done! Again! Yay!

Made my deadline for second-round revisions. I breezed through most of the manuscript, which, as I’ve mentioned several times in this blog, is a far cry from the first time around when I struggled on page 1 wondering why I didn’t become a mathematician.

Final stats:

Number of pages: 315
Number of words: 88,432

So now what do I do? Panic, of course. Develop insomnia and some horrible tic as I wait. And wait. I wonder how many of you will be so fed up with my angst in the coming months that you will lobby WordPress to discontinue my username and ban my ass from blogging.

Or maybe someone will take pity on me and offer me a publishing contract. :)



3 thoughts on “Done! Let the Panic Begin!

  1. Hooray for finishing, and on time, too! I’ll bet it feels wonderful, but before you get all angsty and impatient, start on something else. Oh, maybe treat yourself to a little reward first, but then immerse yourself in something new. It’s the best panacea for the waiting game. :)

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