Writing Tip #13

Read, read, read. As often as you can. Particularly the genres that you like to write. Reading will expose you to all sorts of styles and opinions, will open your mind and your heart, will make you more knowledgeable, inform your sensibilities and help you find your place in the literary cosmos. In short, it will make you a better writer. Case closed.


4 thoughts on “Writing Tip #13

  1. I read yesterday, in my genre, and needed to be reminded not to feel bad about it, so, thank you. Tax time is approaching and this year, I will deduct all my book purchases for the first time, and my Kindle. And movie tickets. I reviewed Tron: Legacy over on my blog recently.

  2. I can’t think of a better admonition for writers! And isn’t it wonderful to have a job that actually encourages us to do what we love? I read for pleasure and read to learn. There’s a stack of TBR books on my bookshelf that keeps growing faster than I can wear it down, with books in my genre, books by authors I admire, classics and how-to books. I think I’ll go do a bit of reading right now. :)

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