Meet David Siev

Last Tuesday, I stumbled upon an article in the New York Daily News about NYPD Officer David Siev of the 67th Precinct in Flatbush who self-published a book about police work and the holidays. David was kind enough to grant this blog a short interview for this week’s installment of Debut Author Q&A, making my Christmas anything but blue. :)

Name: David Siev (co-author along with Victoria Siev)

Name of book: Operation: Blue Christmas

Book genre: Fiction (based on true story)

Publisher: Victoria Siev Books, July 2010 (self-published)

What is your book about? This book is about police work in the NYPD, mostly in Brooklyn, and Christmas. It centers around a seven-year Christmas drive, the cops around it, and it goes back and forth between the Christmas drive and policing done in the years leading up to the drive. It also gives an inside look at how cops think, and how they work.

Why did you write this book? Like anyone else, I have a story to tell. Also, something good was done over the course of a few years, and people should know about it.  I’m hopeful other Blue Christmases will spring up.

Why did you choose to self-publish? We don’t know anyone in the publishing game, and we had no idea how to get published otherwise, or how long that might take.  Also, we were happy with our product and didn’t want to go through a series of possible changes that might or might not occur when we deal with a publishing company. Again, we don’t know.

What was your favorite aspect of writing this book? Reading it out loud with our kids – turns out this was a great way to edit. Either the kids get it or they don’t. If they don’t, you better rewrite so that they do. This will make your story read clearer.

Do you plan to write another book? Of course, there are other stories to tell, but until this project pays for itself, they will not come out anytime soon.


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