Not One Tomato Was Thrown

Tonight was my Get Published seminar, the second one I’ve done for the local library. And not one tomato was thrown. Success!

The seminar experience was different this time. I’M much different this time. More confident. Knowledgeable. Two books under my belt — one published, one not; one fiction, one non. Last time, I remember glancing at the clock after doing my spiel and realizing that only 20 minutes had gone by (had I really spoken that fast?). Luckily, the question and answer period took up the rest of the hour.

This time, however, I was afraid we were going to go over our time. There was more of a dialogue, which I like. Talking, questioning, discussing. The atmosphere was comfortable and light. We had folks interested in self-publishing, traditional publishing, magazine writing, memoir writing and more. Nice eclectic mix of people. And there was an intimacy too about this gathering that was lacking in the first one, which was crowded — SRO, actually. My hope is that tonight’s attendees not only left with some good, actionable information, but with some inspiration as well.

After the seminar was over, a sweet gentleman, a retired teacher, approached me and told me, in a quiet voice, “You know, I think you really helped some people here.”

It doesn’t get any better than that.


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