My First (& Probably Only) Facebook Ad

I’ve had my Facebook Fan Page for a few months, and I’d always seen those little ads on the right side that try to goad you into advertising on Facebook.

I was curious about it, so I decided to give it a try. I created a cute little ad, using my Baby Grand graphic and the easy-to-use Facebook tools, and set a week-long campaign. I didn’t want to spend all that much for this little experiment, so I set a daily budget of $5 for 7 days with a CPC (cost-per-click) set-up. There is a bidding system with Facebok ads that, after reading extensively about it, I still don’t really understand, but basically in order to be seen, you bid with other advertisers to secure ad space. Bid too low, and you don’t get seen — which I learned the first two days, when I ignored the suggested bids and chose to set a bid of 5 cents. On the third day, I caved and set a bid of $1.17 (the low end of Facebook’s suggested bid range) — which I thought was ridiculously high for a suggested bid, considering my daily budget was $5, but whatever.

And voila! The impressions started, and so did the clicks. Few of them, but there they were. At the end of my little week-long campaign, I had about 93,000 impressions and a mere 36 clicks from those (was it my ad copy? my graphic? my intended audience? who knows?). And of those 36, only about 10 or so actually became a fan of my page.

In the end, I spent $30 for 10 fans. Probably not the greatest or most cost-efficient marketing strategy ever attempted, but I have to say my new fans are wonderful and active, and I satisfied my curiosity.

Would I do it again? Probably not. It was fun, but word-of-mouth suits me — and my pocketbook — just fine.


3 thoughts on “My First (& Probably Only) Facebook Ad

  1. CPC is always about the graphic and the tag line–it has to resonate. Also, $1.17 per click is outrageous-even for FB.

    You can probably generate the same type of traffic and conversion via Twitter.

  2. Dina,

    I’ve had a facebook ad running for two months that points directly to my novel’s amazon listing. I can’t say the results have been particularly inspiring, but I’ve learned a few things.

    I have very detailed tracking and results posted at I’ll run that ad another month, but mostly to expose people to my name as an author. As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather have more free exposure and fewer clicks I have to pay for that rarely convert to sales.

    I just started a new facebook campaign for my nonfiction book. That’s a different business proposition as nonfiction serves the needs of people looking for answers to specific problems. I’ll run for a few months and report the final results there, too.

    As for the cost-per-click, I’m suspecting you have to start high enough to get some impressions and some clicks. Then you can lower your bid and ride on your previous success. I’m still trying to psych out exactly how facebook ad placements are wired, but it appears that the initial high bid will get you the impressions and the consequent higher level of clicks will earn you higher priority moving forward.

    Hope this is useful and interesting.


    Dave Bricker

  3. You know it’s funny you mentioned this because I was thinking about doing the same thing. Now I’m back to thinking I’ll hold off for awhile. Thanks for being the guinea pig! lol (j/k)

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