Leave the door ajar (via Thinking Too Hard)

There’s something so poetic about her writing. I’m feeling a bit mellow this morning, following a highly charged July 4th weekend, and this post just hit the spot. Poetic, thoughtful, true. It made me think about how important validation is from mentors for aspiring writers. I wonder if that ever changes with success.

Leave the door ajar It's important that he validate my work. That he see the beauty, the effort. Yet, these many months, he is silent. Contemplation? He taught me what I know. He is, in fact, personally responsible for shaping the writer I've become. It was a loop of patient listening and penetrative questions. No surrender, nor rescue. I learned to keep what is essential and disregard the rest. Now, I want him to see the value produced. A talent honed and sent into … Read More

via Thinking Too Hard


One thought on “Leave the door ajar (via Thinking Too Hard)

  1. I’m beyond flattered.
    And, no, I don’t think we ever stop yearning for validation. Sometimes, we even get it ;-)

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