5 Blogs I Really Like

When I heard that the topic of today’s first Group Blogging Day was going to be “5 Blogs I Can’t Live Without,” I was disappointed. Not because of the topic per se, but because apparently there are folks out there who can’t live without a handful of blogs, and there’s not a darn blog I can think of that I follow regularly. However, there are some blogs that I’ve found interesting and helpful as I write my novel. So, if it’s all right with my fellow Blogathoners, I’d like to devote this post to 5 Blogs I Can’t Live Without Really Like:

Writer Unboxed: Hands down, this is the best blog I’ve come across with posts, particularly author interviews, about the craft of writing.

Write Anything: This blog’s tagline — Write More. Talk Less. — had me at hello. Plus, here I learned what a beta reader was. Had no idea…

WOW-Women on Writing: I first heard about this blog by a fellow freelance writer, and I find that it offers good, practical advice about the business of writing.

Write It Sideways: This is a blog that just wants us all to write better, whatever kind of writing you do, and is there to help us. How can you not like that?

Professor Beej: I came across B. J. Keeton’s blog through this Blogathon and couldn’t resist reading his stuff. Apparently, B.J. and I are two sides of the same coin: Both of us are killing ourselves to finish our novels by an appointed deadline. Nice to know there’s someone out there who shares my pain — and determination.

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3 thoughts on “5 Blogs I Really Like

  1. I like that. Blogs you really like, not can’t live without. I have some blogs I check regularly, but none of the ones you mention. They look interesting, and by your desciptions you gave, they look like blogs I’d like! Thanks ;)

  2. I like WOW! Women on Writing – I just finished an online class with them on social media that I liked – and Write It Sideways, but I hadn’t heard of your first two choices. Thanks for introducing me to a couple of new writing blogs!

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