Want to Hire Dina?

Books: Whether she serves as ghostwriter, co-writer, writer or contributor, Dina is a go-to resource for book production, where she uses her writing, editing and managerial skills to produce quality books that are well organized and smartly written. As a book collaborator, she works hard to keep the author’s voice authentic and consistent while meeting a publisher’s text needs and time constraints. She has a knack for turning complex subjects and lengthy manuscripts into digestible and enjoyable copy. And, best of all, she works fast — without sacrificing quality. As Linda Hinton Brown and Norrinda Brown Hayat wrote in the Acknowledgments of The Brown Betty Cookbook: “[Dina] edited our personal remembrances with care and at lightning speed.”

Editing: Having edited more than a thousand articles over the years, Dina has developed a keen and confident eye when it comes to polishing writers’ text, whether for articles or books. She has strong organizational and managerial skills and has experience working with a team of writers and making sure copy is clean and deadlines are met. As an editor, her style is not to be too heavy-handed — striving to retain the writer’s “voice,” even when she has to edit for space constraints — while correcting grammar, deleting redundancies and improving the overall clarity and organization of the text. She follows whatever style guide (usually AP style) of the publisher or magazine she is working with.

Coaching: Dina works with aspiring authors to improve their writing while offering support and guidance as they work toward their goals. She has experience in both fiction and nonfiction writing. Currently, Dina is not accepting coaching clients.

Articles: Dina has been a freelance writer for over 15 years. She has written for many publications and websites, including Newsday, First for Women and CNNMoney.com. A fearless, seasoned general-assignment freelancer, Dina can tackle subjects with sensitivity, such as raising an emotionally healthy adopted child, or immerse herself in specialized fields, such as web analytics. Dina’s journalism career began in local news and wound its way through the trades, where she covered the home and design industries for six years. She has since served as a general-assignment freelance writer for a variety of consumer publications covering virtually any topic, including health and wellness, parenting and pregnancy, travel, bridal, the military, women’s issues and general business, and has conducted thousands of interviews — from CEOs to celebrities — over the course of her career. As the Executive Editor of two military consumer magazines, Salute and Family, Dina knows the importance of deadlines and details and hangs around for revisions or fact-checks long after an article is completed. She also can handle a fast pace of multiple projects simultaneously.

For more information, leave a reply below or contact Dina here.


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