Meet Author Hemmie Martin

Happy Tuesday! What a whirlwind of a weekend! Thank you, everyone, for your support of Baby Grand. It’s been an amazing ride so far, and it’s just begun. :) And now on to today’s featured debut author, Hemmie Martin, whose book also premiered this month. Congrats, Hemmie!

Name: Hemmie Martin

Name of Book: The Divine Pumpkin

Genre: Fiction-drama

Date of publication: May 2012

Publisher: Winter Goose Publishing

Do you have a day job? Most of my professional career has been spent as a Community Nurse for people with learning disabilities, a Family Planning Nurse, and a Forensic Nurse working with young offenders. I now write full-time whilst running a family home.

What is your book is about? The novel is about a forensic nurse, Paloma Parker, who is successful in her career, but is incapable of finding a meaningful relationship. She begins working with an incarcerated juvenile, Ella, whom she discovers has a connection with her, but it is only understood when Paloma’s family secret is revealed. Paloma searches for love and Ella searches for inner peace, and the pair may just hold the key to each other’s very different kinds of freedom.

Why did you want to write this book? I have always used some form of writing as a therapeutic release, and when the idea for this book popped into my head, I had to run with it. In Britain, young offenders are often stereotyped as thoroughly bad teenagers, but in my experience of working with them, there were many sad cases, and also some nice teenagers who had taken the wrong path.

What would you say is the most challenging part of writing a book? I have an idea for how the novel will begin and end. However, after around 40,000 words, I can sometimes find I’ve lost the direction and have to retrace my steps from the beginning. Self-doubt can creep in and sabotage my writing and my confidence until I find my way once more.

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Meet Author Sherry Foley

Today’s featured author is Sherry Foley, a fellow thriller writer. Welcome, Sherry!

Name: Sherry Foley

Name of book: Switched in Death

Book genre: Psychological thriller

Date published: February 17, 2012

Publisher: Winter Goose Publishing

What is your day job? Writer

What is your book about? The power of the mind. Any one of us can convince ourselves we are right in our own minds. The serial killer in Switched in Death has done this and takes the detective on quite a twisted journey at the expense of many innocent women’s lives.

Why did you want to write this book? I love reading mysteries/thrillers and trying to solve the case before the truth is revealed.

What would you say is the most challenging part of writing a book? What I call getting off the Ferris wheel. I can write a book and edit it to death, often times cutting out my voice, realizing it and then having to write things back into the story. I have to make myself get off the wheel and let go. Luckily, I have some terrific critique partners who help me with that.

Did you conduct any kind of research in order to write this book (visit certain locales, etc.)? I took to the Internet to research serial killers, but the most help was interviewing someone who had quite happily killed a woman and saw nothing wrong with taking a life. I hope I captured on paper the crazed look in this guy’s eyes when he told me his story. Way creepy!

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