Discussing ‘Baby Grand’ on The Writer’s Dream

As is the tradition of this blog, on Tuesdays I usually feature first-time authors as part of my Debut Author Q&A series. This week, I thought perhaps I’d share my own interview on The Writer’s Dream, a public access television show taped on Long Island on which authors discuss the writing, publishing and marketing of their books. Some of you may know that I am the original moderator of this program — and still appear as such from time to time — but for this episode, which was taped in late July, I hand over the moderator seat to executive producer Linda Frank who interviews me about the road to publication for Baby Grand.


Meet Ethan Dreilinger

We’re mixing things up a little today. I’d been meaning to feature my friend and colleague Ethan Dreilinger on this blog to discuss his first novel, Out of the Dust, which he self-published last June. But that wascally wabbit went ahead and published his second novel in October, before I had the chance, making him, technically, ineligible to be featured here. So we’re working around that minor detail today by showing my interview with Ethan for “The Writer’s Dream,” which aired last fall — before he published his second book. Enjoy!

The Writer’s Dream

As I mentioned recently, I was asked to serve as host for a new television show, titled The Writer’s Dream.  The show is put together by writers for writers and is basically my blog in television format — we talk about the craft of writing, what motivates us, inspires us, as well as the business of writing, including the process of querying agents and pursuing a traditional publishing deal or the experience of self-publishing.

Currently, the program only airs in East Hampton, New York, but I’ve been getting lots of requests to see the show, so I’ll be uploading each episode to YouTube. Below is Part 1 of a recent episode featuring Richard Rose, news anchor for TV 10/55 and author of Release the Butterfly. (Part 2 and Part 3 are also available on YouTube.)