‘Keep At It’

I’m interviewing Siobhan Fallon, author of You Know When The Men Are Gone, for an upcoming installment of Debut Author Q&A as well as for a feature article in Family magazine. While going through the press materials for her book, I came across this gem of advice that Siobhan offers aspiring writers:

“Don’t give up. Try to say things in a way only you can say them, and then just keep at it until someone notices. And eventually someone will notice.”

Damn straight. Right on. True dat. (Fill in your own words of agreement.) This was such awesome advice — I just had to share, like now. More to come from Siobhan!


Quote of the Day

Today’s quote comes from Jeffrey Archer, an English author:

“Never be frightened by those you assume have more talent than you do, because in the end energy will prevail. My formula is: energy plus talent and you are a king; energy and no talent and you are still a prince; talent and no energy and you are a pauper.”

Thanks to the wonderful Terri Giuliano Long for turning me onto this gem. :)