My Writering Hole

I’ve been hammering out the last third of the sequel to Baby Grand for the past few weeks at Panera Bread (which is one of my favorite places to write, not only for the free WiFi, but for the rockin’ Mediterranean Veggie sandwich) and have found myself gravitating toward one particular two-person booth — one that’s close enough to the ice machine for when I’m thirsty and far enough from the front door that I don’t catch pneumonia. I always sit on the same side, so that I can face the restaurant and people-watch. I consider it my spot (God help anyone who sits there!), my home away from home, the place where the words flow as smoothly as the turkey chili. Do you have a writering hole?


2 thoughts on “My Writering Hole

  1. I mostly write at home, but sometimes I write in my local Starbucks or public library. Do you write there every day, Dina? How long do they let you stay? (and how much do you have to spend? 😜

    • Hey, lady! I mostly write at home as well, but the past few weeks I’ve had to write off-site, and Panera is my go-to place. I’ve been writing there 3x or 4x a week, and the staff pretty much leaves me alone. The longest I’ve stayed is about four hours, and I usually just buy lunch or dinner, if that. I don’t spend more than 10 bucks. It’s a starving artist’s dream come true! :) Thanks for stopping by, Olivia! Happy writing!

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