Hear Ye, Hear Ye: How to Promote an Audiobook

Okay, folks, this one is easy: If you’re already out there promoting your paperback or eBook, all you have to do is keep on doing what you’re doing and now throw your audiobook into marketing mix as well. What should you be doing? Most, if not all, of the following:

Create social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Goodreads, Google Plus — wherever it is you find you get the most mileage from your posts (remember, too much promotion can turn friends and followers off, so post wisely). You can also syndicate your content so that you can post to multiple accounts simultaneously.

Create a blog: There’s been a lot of debate lately on whether writers should bother with blogging, whether blogging is helpful as a promotional tool for writers. I started this blog in March 2010 not as a promotional tool, but as a way to help write myself out of a writer’s block and to network with other writers. (It worked.) Readers of this blog will know that I rarely use it for promotional purposes — Yes, I have my book info in the sidebar and I mention Baby Grand all the time but the blog is more informational than promotional.

Create a dialogue: Spend time reading other people’s blogs and social media posts. Not only do you learn a heck of a lot, but I’ve found that people find their way to my book simply by reading my comments or viewpoints and then clicking my gravatar.

Create a website: This is a MUST. All authors should have a “home base,” so to speak, one place where readers can go to find out everything they need to know about you and your books. Additionally, a recent blog post by Shelli Johson suggests you should have a media kit available on your website, which will make it easier for others (newspaper editors, bloggers, TV producers, etc.) to get your bio, head shot, book jacket and other info readily. Excellent advice.

Create a mailing list: Give readers and potential readers the opportunity to sign up to hear about your news. I use Constant Contact for my mailing list needs.

Create videos: Create a YouTube channel and develop promotional videos for your book. These can include man-on-the-street videos featuring the author, or Q&As or book trailers. Whatever you think will help people find you and generate interest in your work.

Well, that winds up this week’s celebration of the premiere of the Baby Grand audiobook. If you have any other promotional ideas for your books, audio or otherwise, I’d love to hear them. Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Hear Ye, Hear Ye: How to Promote an Audiobook

  1. SInce Audiobooks are more of a niche market, it can be frustrating. I have worked with a lot of authors looking for promotion. There are tons of book blogs out there, but it’s hard to find ones that cater to audiobooks. Well, we are out there! I suggest two things if you are interested in working with bloggers. There is a site called Audiobook Jukebox that is a huge index of audiobook reviews, easily searchable by genre. It’s a wonderful site run by two dedicated audiobook fans and bloggers and they also have a program that gets bloggers together with producers. Two big events are coming up. June is Audiobook Month, and audiobook week. That may be a great time to reach out to audiobook bloggers.

    If you are on Twitter, Miss Susie’s Reading ran a great feature last year for Audiobook week, listing a lot of great Twitter contacts for Audiobook people. Here is the link to that post (I hope adding a link is OK, if not just google Miss Susie’s Reading audiobook Twitter List) http://misssusiesreading.blogspot.com/2012/06/audiobooks-on-twitter-jiam2012.html

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