Writing Tip #106

No Naughty and Nice lists here. One of the most interesting comments I’ve received about Baby Grand came from my 15-year-old son. He said that he liked that there was no underlying message or moral to the book, that the bad guys weren’t always punished and the good guys weren’t always rewarded. And it’s true. I tried to create very real characters, put in real-life situations, in Baby Grand, and to do that, I think, you need to recognize that there’s good and bad in all of us and that nice guys do sometimes finish last. Separating our characters into Naughty and Nice does a disservice to them in that it doesn’t allow authors to fully realize their potential and it does a disservice to readers who may be looking for something other than the usual knights in shining armor and evildoers in black hats and wiry mustaches. While it’s tempting to take sides, we need to treat our characters, both good and bad, with the respect they deserve. Leave the playing favorites to Santa.


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