Writing Tip #102

Don’t be afraid. So says Glinda to Elphaba in one of my all-time favorite songs from a Broadway musical, Defying Gravity. Good advice, for both witches and writers. To be a writer, you can’t be afraid:

  • Of what people will think of your book.
  • Of what people will think of you for writing your book.
  • That your husband/mother/best friends/whoever will think that when so-and-so character says such and such that it’s actually a reference to him/her/them/whoever.
  • That you can’t do it. (You can.)

I’ve written this before on this blog, but you can’t control how people will respond to your book or how they’ll review your book on Amazon. And as for self-doubt? We all face it at one time or another. Personally, I consider self-doubt part of my process — it plagues me practically from beginning to end. All you can do is write the best book you can. I truly believe that if you write from your heart, if you trust and believe in your voice, you can’t go wrong.

As Elphaba sings, “It’s time to trust my instincts. Close my eyes. And leap.”


2 thoughts on “Writing Tip #102

  1. Dina,

    So needed this today of all days!!! Starting a new scene and the self-doubt creep just tried to tap me on my shoulder. Telling him to flee in the name of my MUSE!! LOL!!

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