Writing Tip #91

Details, details. I have been overwhelmed by the five-star ratings and glowing reviews for Baby Grand. (For a gal who spent most of last year hearing what was WRONG with her novel from traditional publishing editors, it certainly is a welcome change!) Many readers are saying they like the detailing, which helps them visualize the scenes as they are reading and makes them feel as if they are right there with the characters, in their world. Today, a reader posted the following comment (it’s actually two partial comments that I rolled into one) on the Making ‘Baby Grand’ Facebook page:

“…downloaded your book to my kindle, read your novel in 2 days…could not put it down….I want part 2!!!…My guy is an avid reader ….I gave him your novel to read…again….he could not put it down! You have got it! He said it captured him immediately and you just couldn’t wait to see what happens at each turn. I asked him one morning…”where are you in the story?”…he said “they are at the coffee shop”…and we both said….”oh, cherry pie”..lol…I mean it is the attention to detail and your ability to keep one captivated….again…best of luck…full speed ahead….will be looking forward to the next read!”

It’s important to note that many of those kinds of details were added during the revision stage of the writing process. For the most part, with the exception of those early chapters that I wrote when I was in graduate school and wanted to make as complete as possible, the first draft of Baby Grand was very skeleton-like. The bare bones of the novel. Get the plot down. Boom. And then it is in the editing that I like to say “the magic happens.” The details. Trying to describe something just the way I see it in my mind’s eye. The sights. The smells. The sounds. I try not to overwhelm the reader’s senses, but focus on what I think are the most important descriptive elements of each scene.

Do it right and it’s like a little movie is playing in the minds of your readers. And who knows? Do it really right and maybe one day that little movie will be playing at the local multiplex.


4 thoughts on “Writing Tip #91

  1. “It’s important to note that many of those kinds of details were added during the revision stage of the writing process.”

    Outline. Use Kal Bashir’s youtube videos as a guide. Saves you a heap of time.

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