Meet Author Sherry Foley

Today’s featured author is Sherry Foley, a fellow thriller writer. Welcome, Sherry!

Name: Sherry Foley

Name of book: Switched in Death

Book genre: Psychological thriller

Date published: February 17, 2012

Publisher: Winter Goose Publishing

What is your day job? Writer

What is your book about? The power of the mind. Any one of us can convince ourselves we are right in our own minds. The serial killer in Switched in Death has done this and takes the detective on quite a twisted journey at the expense of many innocent women’s lives.

Why did you want to write this book? I love reading mysteries/thrillers and trying to solve the case before the truth is revealed.

What would you say is the most challenging part of writing a book? What I call getting off the Ferris wheel. I can write a book and edit it to death, often times cutting out my voice, realizing it and then having to write things back into the story. I have to make myself get off the wheel and let go. Luckily, I have some terrific critique partners who help me with that.

Did you conduct any kind of research in order to write this book (visit certain locales, etc.)? I took to the Internet to research serial killers, but the most help was interviewing someone who had quite happily killed a woman and saw nothing wrong with taking a life. I hope I captured on paper the crazed look in this guy’s eyes when he told me his story. Way creepy!

What motivates you to write? My Irish and Native American roots probably lend something to it. I love to be carried away in a good book and in turn hope to be able to do the same for readers.

Did you experience writer’s block? No, at least not yet.  Ideas come so fast I’m always taking notes down on the memo part of my phone. As far as any blocking goes, it’s often life blocking my writing time. I have three teenagers. Say no more, right?

How long did it take you to write this book? Six months, with research. This book was quite a stretch for me. LOL! I know I really shocked my longstanding crit partners.

How did you go about finding a publisher? I didn’t. I sought out agents in the summer of 2011 and then saw a tweet from Winter Goose Publishing that made me intrigued. I contacted them, and Jordan Adams and I started interviewing one another. I really liked her and what she had to say.  I’m so not a risk taker, have never even bought a raffle ticket, but I was drawn to the fact that they were starting out. So was I. There was something thrilling about the adventure.  I signed and then was offered contracts by two agents. I was okay with it, because everyone at WGP has been great! I’m also still receiving rejections. It’s a crazy business.

Did you consider self-publishing? Honestly? Never! But eight years ago when I started writing, I wasn’t ever doing anything except by traditional methods as it was the only way to “respectively get published.” My ideas have evolved with the changes in the industry, and there are so many great possibilities out there.

What would you say is the biggest misconception about writing a book? For me, it’s that I would have time to write it. Life has a way of trying to interrupt you at every moment. I have to discipline myself daily.

What was your favorite aspect of the writing process for this book? The weaving of the story, laying hints along the way and creating several twists.

What tools/methods have you employed to promote your book? Learning Twitter, creating an Author Facebook page, tweaking my website, bookmarks, introducing myself to those at local bookstores and now this interview.

What advice would you give to writers regarding promotion? Get yourself out there. Every person you talk to may pass on your information and every connection made can further your career.

Do you plan on writing another book? Definitely! Switched in Death is [the first book I’ve published, but is] actually my third book of seven that I have written. I have another book coming out in November. I’m currently writing a series.

My favorite last question: Oprah once famously said that there is no such thing as luck, without preparation and a moment of opportunity. Would you agree or disagree with regard to your own success as a writer? Luck is there, because I feel like the luckiest person ever to be able to hold my book in my hands.  For me, it’s in this order – determination, a lot of hard work, talent with an eagerness to learn and then luck.


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