The Results Are In! Your Favorite Genre Fiction Is…

Fantasy, baby!

According to our informal little survey, where we asked you to vote for your favorite genre fiction, Fantasy led the way with 23 percent of votes. All week long, Fantasy and Science Fiction were neck and neck until Fantasy pulled ahead in the final days of the week-long poll. The complete results are as follows:

Fantasy: 23%

Science Fiction: 18%

Crime/Thriller: 14%

Literary Fiction: 13%

Mystery: 10%

Action/Adventure: 8%

Romance: 6%

Detective: 5%

Horror: 2%

Western: 0%

Wow, nobody voted Western. Not even Clint Eastwood fans! And truth be told, I was surprised to see Fantasy top the list. I thought that Crime Fiction or Romance would be Number One. Very interesting. And thank you to everyone who took time to vote! :)


5 thoughts on “The Results Are In! Your Favorite Genre Fiction Is…

  1. Wow I’m so surprised too, but then again I’m usually out of the mainstream on almost everything! Just curious how big the sample was? So interesting if it matches up with book sales data, too! Fascinating survey, Dina, thanks!

    • Hey, Julia! Go figure, right? I knew Fantasy was popular, but I didn’t know it was THIS popular! As for the sample, I’ve been calling this my “Family Feud” survey because about 100 people weighed in. :)

  2. Very interesting, Dina. I once interviewed an author who had written a vampire romance, although she said it was light on the romance, but her agent and publisher had encouraged her to beef it up because romances are the top sellers of genre fiction. I guess if you combine romance and fantasy, there’s a recipe for bestseller gold!

  3. I neglected to comment on my preference but I am very surprised that fantasy and then science fiction topped the list … especially since they are not majority categories on general best seller and literary award lists. Thanks for polling!

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