What is your favorite genre fiction?

The terrific response to this week’s discussion of fantasy fiction has got me thinking… What kind of genre fiction is most popular? What kinds of books do most people like to read? Please take a moment to vote (you can only vote once, so make it a good one!), and I will share the results in an upcoming post. Thanks, and Happy Friday!


10 thoughts on “What is your favorite genre fiction?

  1. Tough call, but I definitely lean towards a few kinds of fiction overall – al glance at my shelves show a mix of horror, science fiction and fantasy, plus a lot of genres either side and inbetween. Will be interested to see what tops the list, though!

    • Hey, Olivia! I debated whether or not to include chick lit and nearly paired it with romance like I did crime/thriller. Yes, for this poll, I’d say it would fall under romance. Thanks for voting!! :)

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