Writing Tip #59

All it takes is one person to believe… I took my kids to see The Muppets yesterday, a film which actor Jason Segal is pretty much singlehandedly responsible for getting made. If I’m to believe what I read in Entertainment Weekly (and why shouldn’t I?), Disney executives asked to meet with Segal in order to do a project with him and were surprised when the actor said he was interested in bringing back those furry little guys so many of us know and love. Segal cowrote the script and starred in the film, which I absolutely loved. I thought it was true to the old television series and nostalgic and sweet. I cried. I laughed. And from time to time I peered at my 12-year-old daughter who looked like she was having as much fun as I was. As I write this, it is estimated that the movie will earn a solid $45 million or so this Thanksgiving weekend.

For all those people who say that one person can’t make a difference, I give you Jason Segal. And as far as publishing goes, I’ve always said this: All you need is one person to take a chance on you or your work. Like the agent who picked up JK Rowling’s or Kathryn Stockett’s first book after numerous rejections. Or the editors at Little, Brown who plucked Stephenie Meyer’s first novel Twilight from the slush pile. As NaNoWriMo winds down for 2011, remember that not only can’t you please everyone with your writing, you don’t have to. Sometimes all you need is one person to believe in you. And sometimes that person is you.


2 thoughts on “Writing Tip #59

  1. Great post, and I so agree that the movie and Jason Segal are inspiring–I’d heard that too! (and I absolutely loved the movie, too — our whole family went this weekend, college-age kids LOVED it!) Great reminder as I hit the editing this morning.

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