Writing Tip #47

Try something new. Today’s belated tip (see Writing Tip #46) was inspired by my reading some of the Sweet Valley High books as well as Sweet Valley Confidential, the new novel that chronicles the lives of the Wakefield girls 10 years later. I’m usually a thriller or literary fiction kind of girl — I am currently reading The Submission, the debut novel by Amy Waldman, and am loving it! — but after reading all about Sweet Valley and trying to channel the voice of similarly minded twentysomething men and women in my own writing, I discovered that not only did I have  of a knack for this kind of thing, but I totally enjoyed it. And I would have never known if I hadn’t read the books and tried writing those kinds of characters myself.

Sometimes it pays to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. You might be surprised at the results.


One thought on “Writing Tip #47

  1. I can relate. I’ve often been told the voice of my protagonists is “young,” which I always took to mean immature (and am I then, by extension, immature?). But now I think perhaps I should be writing YA, which I am now trying. It’s fun!

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