Writing Tip #43

Expect the long haul. I sat down with my kids this morning to tell them that I needed to have the final edit completed on my book by the end of the month.

“Okay,” my 12-year-old daughter said. “So you’ll be writing 1,000 words a day again?”

“No,” I said, “the writing is done. I’m just reading through one more time and fixing it where it needs to be fixed.”

“Oh,” she said, confused.

“What’s the name of this one again?” my 14-year-old son asked.

Now I was confused. “It’s Baby Grand. You know, my book.”

“You’re STILL working on that one?” he exclaimed.

“Yes,” I said, probably a bit too defensively. “These things take time, you know…”

And they do — the stops, the starts, the endless writing sessions followed by the weeks without opening the manuscript (sometimes purposely). It’s all part of the process. My process, at least. So, yes, my children, I am finishing up a manuscript that was begun in February 2009, finished in August 2010, and edited two times since (and that’s not even counting the years since the idea for the book first came to me — 15 years ago!). Yes, I could self-publish, and I may one day (I have a whole blog post devoted to that topic here.) But I’d like to believe that good things do come to those who wait. Or at least to those who are willing to.


2 thoughts on “Writing Tip #43

  1. Oh Dina,

    How I love your honesty. I laughed out loud at your son’s comment. Been there with my own sons when they were growing up watching me work on “the novel.” One time when my oldest son was rather put out with me, he said, ‘Mom, I don’t want to hear about your stupid book.”

    This son of mine will be 26 in a couple of weeks and now he’s one of my biggest champions!!! Oh, and he actually read the novel when it came out in 2008. ;)

    Keep plugging. I know your kids are very proud of you!!! They may just not say it. ;)


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