August: Return to ‘Baby Grand’

Well, the craziness of July is behind me — vacations, home improvements, block parties and lots of freelance work — and now it’s time to focus once again on Baby Grand. The final edit. (At least I hope it’s the final edit.) As I mentioned yesterday on my Facebook page, I always get nervous knots in my belly when I’m about to read the manuscript again. What will I think? Will I like it, love it, like I did before? I’ve given myself the month of August to edit. I’m hoping that’s enough time, because I’m eager to finish Novel #2, which had to be put on the back burners in June, by the end of the year — edits and all. If I can do that, then I’m on schedule, and I can write the sequel to Baby Grand next year, as planned.

My 14-year-old son asked me yesterday why I put this kind of stress on myself, these self-imposed deadlines. My answer was simple: If I didn’t, nothing would get done.


One thought on “August: Return to ‘Baby Grand’

  1. “If I didn’t nothing would get done.” Amen!!!

    I have my galley copy and I am freaking out! This book of mine has been through 4 rounds of edits and 2 rounds of legal (murder story and all) and I am finding typo’s. Okay just two. I am going to cause myself to be blind from reading so closely.
    Good luck with your edits…
    Stop over if you get the chance and take a peak at my cover and book trailer…

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