ThrillerFest VI

What happens when a bunch of thriller writers gather together to discuss how they do what they do?

I’ll find out tomorrow as I’m off to ThrillerFest in NYC. It’s my first time. And I’m totally psyched.

The fun starts at 9 a.m. when I’ll be attending a panel titled, “How Do You Channel Lilith?” — all about writing chilling female villains — and ends Saturday afternoon. So many of the panel discussions seem interesting and worthwhile, including a bonus session titled, “Ask the CIA: Insights from the Undercover Life.” Ooh! Ahh!

I hope to have some good stuff to report and to incorporate into In the Red, my second novel. I think Baby Grand is pretty wrapped up, even as I do some last-minute editing, so it’s all about Novel #2. And #3. And #4. And…


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