‘The Killing’ Is Killing Me

So I spend 13 weeks watching AMC’s The Killing, totally engrossed, trying to figure out who killed Rosie Larsen, thinking I was so smart one episode, and then thinking I was totally clueless the next. And last night, during the season finale, just when I thought I would finally find out who did it and (more importantly) if I was right… wham! There is no answer. Only a cliffhanger. Gotta tune in to Season 2 to find out.


I’m not a big fan of when books and movies and television series do these things. Readers and viewers have invested their time into these projects and deserve some kind of resolution, no? I remember fuming when coming to the end of Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour, a monster of a book that had absolutely no ending at all, leaving readers with an advertisement for its sequel, Lasher. Even the ending to Suzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games, which I really loved, left me feeling a little unsatisfied. Should I really have to read Catching Fire to find out who Katniss chooses, Gale or Peeta? Will I even find out in the sequel? (Don’t tell me. It’s on my reading list.)

Just on principle, I have a good mind to boycott Season 2 of The Killing and show these producer-people how they can’t do these things to us, how we readers/viewers are not to be toyed with, how we deserve more than a wild-goose-chase ending or having a carrot dangled in front of us indefinitely.

But I know myself. I’ll get over it. And I’ll be sitting on the couch, enthralled, during the opening credits of Episode 1, Season 2.


9 thoughts on “‘The Killing’ Is Killing Me

  1. I completely agree that I hate cliffhangers — but they seem to work, unfortunately, getting me to keep coming back. Really much worse for me is the number of TV series that just end (are canceled) and there never is an ending. We only watch “TV” on huluplus and Netflix so we can watch complete series, and when I watch 2-3 seasons worth of episodes and THEN they end with a cliffhanger, never to be resolved? Very frustrating. I haven’t watched The Killing, but I hope for your sake, it doesn’t happen to that show!

    • I’m with you, Julia! As for THE KILLING, I hear AMC has bought two more seasons, and I can’t help but wonder if there will be any resolution at the end of Season 2 either, or if they’ll just pile them all up at the end. Or maybe everyone will just meet up in a church, hugging and shaking hands, a la LOST. :)

      • This summer, with my daughter home from college, we’ve been frustrated by these canceled shows: Lie to Me, Reaper, and Samantha Who? Do not — I repeat — DO NOT watch these series if you want anything but a cliffhanger final ending!! :)

  2. I think cliffhangers have a place in literature…

    Not the ones that leave you completely suspended and make you buy another book but the ones that leave you with a satisfying ending–a closure–but promise more story…

    Perhaps these aren’t properly cliffhangers–perhaps they’re cliflaunchers??

    • I TOTALLY agree with you, Alexander. I’m all for endings that provide closure and, as you say, “promise more story.” Those are great. Those are like eating an ice cream cone that leaves you feeling totally satisfied, but, at the same time, was so good that you are thinking about having another one. :)

  3. What?! I didn’t even realise I’d already watched the final episode of the season. I’ve been checking itunes, patiently waiting for the next episode …

    I feel cheated.

    Frankly, I don’t think they have enough of a good thing going to successfully draw the suspense over several seasons. The characters aren’t cutting edge enough, and 1/3 of the story line — the politicians — is just tiresome (IMO). A series like Breaking Bad can get away with ending seasons on major cliff-hangers because it’s such an original and well executed concept.

  4. =) I totally agree. But TV can’t ever give you all the answers you want, or else you’ll never turn the next show back on. However, book should! And…on an unrelated note, I loved The Hunger Games and wish I’d never read Catching Fire & Mockingjay. Collins never gets the ending right.

    • Hey, Ellie! CATCHING FIRE is on my to-read list. Sequels never live up to the originals, but I’m curious to see where Collins goes with it. I’ll let you know what I think! Thanks so much for your comment!

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