Get the F–k to Work!

This week, I wrote a business profile for on Akashic Books and the mega-success of the company’s new “children’s” book, the runaway hit, Go the F–k to Sleep.

The book has a great backstory: A guy, author Adam Mansbach, frustrated with not being able to get his daughter to sleep at bedtime, frustrated with how long the whole process was taking after trips to the bathroom and drinks of water, took his woes to Facebook and sort of just threw out there that he was going to write a book, titled, “Go the F–k to Sleep.”

And just like that, less than a year later, there’s a phenomenon.

As a writer, it just doesn’t get better than that, a story, in this case a personal one, resonating with millions. And the success of Go the F–k to Sleep shows that you just never know when a book will strike a chord with folks, if they’ll relate, laugh and buy.

So for all of you writers out there wondering if you should “even bother” trying to write a book or finish a book or pitch your book to agents and publishers, my advice is this: Get the f–k to work! We may not all write a bestseller, but there’s a good chance one of us might. And, as I’ve said in previous posts, who’s to say it won’t be you or me?


4 thoughts on “Get the F–k to Work!

  1. I just came across your blog via Twitter and it is quite inspiring. Even more so by the fact that it’s a Saturday night and I am spending it working on my novel. Alone. Again.

    But the fact of the matter is, it’s important to me and it’s hard work. Really hard work and sometimes I feel like I am the only person that lives this way.

    But I’m not. I might have more time than you because I am single without any children, but I still have to work hard to find the time between a demanding job and clients.

    I am finding that your advice rings true for me. I’ve never been published but that’s not the point. The point is to actually write, finish the book and keep writing no matter what.

    Thanks for creating this blog and keeping me going.

    • Susan! What a wonderful comment to wake up to! No, you are indeed not alone. There’s lots of us out there, giving up things — like going out with friends/family, sleep — in order to write. And it is hard. But we LOVE it, right? As hard as it is. Definitely keep writing no matter what. I’m cheering for you!

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