A #1kaday Update

My best friend has a magnet on her fridge that has that old Yiddish proverb: “We plan, God laughs.”

Ain’t it the truth?

As most of you know, on May 1 of this year, I began the “serious” writing of my second novel, In the Red (or Starry-Eyed, depending on the day), penning 1,000 words a day, along with some fine writing folks out there. Together, we are the #1kaday crew. However, Novel #1 beckoned, and I had to take a short break. Of course, as things go, my respite from my #1kaday duties has turned into a much longer period of time — a few weeks, instead of one.

Oh well.

This week, though, I should be finished with the minor tinkering of Baby Grand, and then it’s back to Novel #2, which originally I’d hoped to be done with by end of June. Not sure that will happen. But that’s okay. Still on target for an end-of-year completion, edits and all.

Or at least that’s the plan.

Sometimes it isn’t only God who laughs.


3 thoughts on “A #1kaday Update

  1. I’m getting back on track with #1Kaday this week after participating in the #blog2011 (blogging every day in May)…. Here’s to a WIP productive June. I hope I can take a page from your book and get back on track. Thanks for the continuing support and encouragement!

  2. I was also rediverted to work on #1. I am finished now…but have agreed to do an investigative piece for a newspaper which is taking some serious time. I am still planning to finish by the end of June…may have to do 2000 words a day.

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