Writing Tip #33

You need to be interested in your own book in order for anyone else to be. If you write a vampire book or steampunk or an historical romance just because it’s trendy or because you think it’s easy, it will show. Successful authors not only love to write, but they love to write what they write. Their love of the subjects and characters drives them, lends their stuff an air of authenticity, making their stories come alive.

This was a recurring theme at last week’s Book Expo America, particularly at the “Guys Read: Thriller” panel where the consensus was: Content comes before the trend… Ideas are not cooked up in a back room…. Write a great story. When everyone is doing everything at the best possible level, that sets the trend.

Author Jon Scieszka, who spoke at the “Guys Read” panel, said, “I never started out saying I wanted to write for boys. It just happened that way.”

Later in the day, YA author Laini Taylor echoed this sentiment when she said, “I write the books that I want to read.”

One of my earlier tips in this series is that you should write from your heart, not with your head. Same goes for what you choose to write. Write about what you love, and chances are your readers will love it too.


One thought on “Writing Tip #33

  1. Great advice. I understand that completely. I have no interest in writing Vampire stuff since I have nothing to say about it. I get that. I would get stumped. :)

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