Guest Post: 4 Things I Learned Thru #1kaday

Today, we have another guest post from a member of our #1kaday crew. Ellie Soderstrom, one of our group’s biggest supporters, cheerleaders and inspirations, tells what she’s learned during our little 1,000-words-a-day marathon.

1. It takes me about an hour and a half of undisturbed writing time to finish one thousand words. Sometimes the words are as loose as a streetwalker and other days they’re as tight as a puritan. On the days when I have to grind the words out, 1k words feels like a great accomplishment. On the days when the words flow freely, I feel like an artist. Both are excellent feelings.

2. I need a lot of time to think. I must plot out my scenes before I ever get to the computer or I’ll stare at the screen listlessly until I decide to read a blog or get on twitter. Both are bad decisions for finishing word count. However, when my scenes are plotted out I can’t help but run to the computer and my writing time shoots by faster than I’d like.

3. Breaks don’t help. I took a few days off, thinking that it’d be good for me. It’s not. I need to write everyday or it’s hard for me to get into the story world, harder for me to remember what my characters are feeling, and harder for me to get the word count down.

4. Have fun. I found it so encouraging talking with my fellow #1kaday’ers. I felt like every time I finished 1k words I heard their cheering and clapping behind me. It kept me on the straight and narrow. They remind me of my goals. And they’re just plain fun to talk to!

Ellie Soderstrom blogs on Wednesdays at The Gig.


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