Are You a Fair-Weather Writer?

The last couple of days have been quite sunny and very inspiring here in New York.

I never thought that the weather outside affected me much as a writer, since I tend to write round the clock — at night, during thunderstorms, on sunny days, cloudy days. In fact, sunny days usually make me want to abandon my writing and run outside, but during these last two days I’ve been feeling particularly energized, and I’m wondering why. Certainly, the warmer temperatures and clear blue skies could be the answer. I also managed to squeeze in a nice 2-mile walk last night while my youngest son was at track, so perhaps the exercise too — which has been sorely lacking these cold, snowy winter months — has something to do with it.

In any case, the timing couldn’t be better. I’ll need all the help I can get as I scramble to finish the first draft of In the Red by the end of June. If Mother Nature wants to lend a hand, I’ll be eternally — or is it vernally? — grateful.


3 thoughts on “Are You a Fair-Weather Writer?

  1. I live in sunny California, but back when I lived in Texas, thunderstorms were always nice writing weather. Loved them, even when they knocked out the power. I’d just switch to a notepad. But here, weather doesn’t really effect me. I hope you finish your draft by June. =)

  2. There are seasons to the writer’s morale, but mine aren’t much controlled by the weather. I’ve always said success begets success… if I’m making good progress on a project, whatever it may be, my enthusiasm remains high. As you mentioned in your previous post, however, if I get bogged down it’s easy to find excuses that keep me down.

    Your 1k/day goal is great if you need it to reach your target. I find goals only work for me if I have a real deadline. Goals I set for no particularly reason don’t motivate me enough. I end up constantly revamping them as I go along.

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