Shower Inspiration? You Bet!

AquaNotes then...

...AquaNotes now

Last night, at the monthly meeting of the Long Island Writers Group, we discussed writer’s block remedies.

A good many of us mentioned how “taking a shower” could jump-start our creative process, but one of our members lamented that getting inspired in a roomful of ceramic tile, far from our computers or a pen/pencil, could be frustrating, because you really couldn’t bring either of those into a steamy bathroom.

“But, wait!” I exclaimed. “I have the answer!”

Last fall, I blogged about a waterproof pad and pencil made by AquaNotes that can be “installed” (spit on suction cups) on your shower wall. At the time, I hadn’t used the product yet, but was ready to test its promise of “No more creative ideas down the drain.”

Well, as you can see, I’ve been using it ever since — as have my kids, who have taken to writing “Helena rocks!” or “Mom, I have LEGO Club today” or “Jack was here. 4/1/11.” in their own moments of inspiration.

If there ever were a “Making Baby Grand” seal of approval, AquaNotes would have it. It’s a terrific product that has saved me from killing myself by slipping and sliding across my tiled floor or cutting my hot, glorious showers short just to jot down a fleeting idea.

Now all we need is AutoNotes, NightstandNotes and BeachNotes, and I’ll be set.


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